About Us.


We are a private held real estate investment firm.

We’ve achieved a highly-regarded reputation through our hands on approach from the initial investment, construction & procurement management, to the sales process.

Through our experience in building and developing our own projects we have streamlined the process to provide a professional service, on time scheduling, and competitive pricing.

Our mission is to become one of the leading developers in Residential, Commercial, and Custom High End Home Construction.

Our Team.

Roman Ovrutsky

Founder, and CEO of
Omega Home Builders.

Roman founded Omega Home Builders in 2013 and currently serves as both President and CEO. Prior to forming Omega Home Builders, Roman worked at BNY Mellon as a mutual fund analyst.

With over 7 years experience in real estate development, Roman leads the company’s acquisition, development, construction management, and sales. His proven ability to identify opportunities while mitigating costs has provided Omega, and its’ subsidiaries, a strong history of investment returns.

Roman’s approach to building a culture of strong work ethic, no excuse mentality, and rewarding results, has enabled Omega Home Builders to quickly move up the ranks and become one of the leading private development firms in the Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties.

Tyler Willis

Office Operations &
Client Management.

Tyler assists in scheduling and directing the company’s day to day construction activities, client relations, and sales. Tyler plays an integral role in addressing our clients real estate needs, while enabling our real estate operations to function with limited delays.

Tyler thrives on building a community around him. As a former business manager at Chase Bank, he’s known for his exceptional work ethic and ability to manage multitude of projects efficiently. Growing up in a real estate environment with experience in flipping houses, he’s familiar with construction trades, project management, and craftsmanship.

Romina Ustayev

Lead Designer &
Marketing Executive.

Romina is the in house designer, stager, and lead decision maker in all our marketing efforts. Her efforts ensure a high quality cost effective design for all upcoming rental projects, a seamless efficient hands on experience for pre sale buyers, and a a high quality staging service for our finished products. Romina’s experience include current owner of R&R Staging and Interior Design and previous Marketing Director for a leading home care company. Her experience provides tremendous value. With her passion for Design & Marketing she allow Omega Home Builders to stay up with the new design trends in Real Estate.

Our Partners